Spurgeon Gems

Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)

"Beloved Friends, we may well continue to praise God, for God continues to give us causes for praise!" - 1892, Sermon 2296


"All ministries, therefore, must be subjected to this test - if they do not glorify Christ, they are not of the Holy Spirit." - 1894, Sermon 2382


"Come and take Christ, and you have found God. No man believes in Christ and remains without the favor of God."  -  1892, Sermon 2272


"In Him (Jesus Christ) you have redemption-I love Him you're in bondage" - 1891, Sermon 2207


"Blessed be His name that He has arranged that one Person of the Sacred Trinity should undertake this office of Comforter, for no man could ever perform its duties. We might as well hope to be the Savior as to be the Comforter of the heartbroken!" - 1892, Sermon 2260


"When one knows that his times are in God's hands, he would not change places with a king! No, nor even with an angel!" - 1891, Sermon 2205

"If you get condemnation out of the Gospel, you put the condemnation into it yourself! It is not the Gospel, but your rejection of it that will condemn you." - 1893, Sermon 2300

"I have heard all the news I need when I have heard of eternal salvation by Jesus Christ!" - 1893, Sermon 2293

"Christ and His Gospel will always be spoken against. If you know a gospel which is approved by the age and patronized by the learned, that gospel is a lie" - 1893, Sermon 2293



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