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You can have a dictionary, thesaurus, pronunciations (if you have speakers), web searches, maps and more at a click of your mouse while on the web.  I use it often when I’m reading an article and want a clear definition of a word, want to get more information regarding a topic or want to see a map concerning the area I’m reading about. You do not have to be reading something on the web. It will work in Word, e-mail, anywhere as long as you’re “connected”.

All you do after installation is hold down the Control (Ctrl) key while right clicking on a word or highlighted phrase.

The web site is (^ If you click here while on the web it will connect to the Atomica web site.)

Click on “Try Atomica now”

Click on “Download Atomica Personal. 

Make sure it’s not Atomica Pro” because that is not free.

Again, after installation, you must either have a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), a network connection or be on the Internet through your modem connection to use it.